Sharebico the sharing economy
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Sharebico is a platform designed to promote the sharing economy. Share office space, tools, equipment, transportation, employees, your knowledge and abilities. Share whatever you want!


Find deals on hotels, apartments, homes, flats and other all over the world! On Sharebico you can find accommodation for vacation, business trip or even place to live!



Find your ideal car worldwide

Find the perfect rental car for your trip! Compare car rental prices and choose which is best for you!

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Explore the luxury yacht for rental!

Find the perfect one from the thousands of luxury yacht worldwide

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Find things to do in cities all around the world.

Explore and book tours, experiences, tourist guides worldwide

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Looking for office space or coworking space worldwide?

Look our offer and book the perfect one today!

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Are you looking for a job? Or you are looking to hire staff?

Find one on Sharebico! On Sharebico you can find freelance from all over the world.

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Do you own construction machines that are not used at full capacity?

Explore the wide range of high quality construction mashines and equipment.

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How does Sharebico works?
Registration in minutes - quickly and easily create a profile for yourself or your company.
Increase your Sharebico credibility (optional) - add links to your social media profiles, your friends and colleagues, to prove your identity and credibility of what you share.
Explore the platform and start sharing! Think about what you have to offer or what you need from others. Easily and conveniently share what you own or find what you need.