* Osmana Đikića 3, Beograd, Serbia

Liposuction is one of the most popular methods for body contouring. It is a type of cosmetic surgery which breaks up and “sucks” fat from various parts of the body. The aim of this method is not to reduce weight but only to improve the aesthetic looks of the body.

What is the goal of the treatment?
The effects of liposuction are immediately visible and that is why it quickly became popular among both women and men.
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- RSD / Price of medical treatment:
420.000 RSD / Abdominoplasty + liposuction from
180.000 RSD / Abdominal liposuction from
120.000 RSD / Liposuction of the back from
96.000 RSD / Chin liposuction from
Who can undergo the procedure?Candidates for this type of intervention are people who are not able to achieve an ideal line through diet and exercise.
* Osmana Đikića 3, Beograd, Serbia