Organ Transplant Center

* Göztepe, Avrupa Otoyolu, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey

Life begins where there is hope The Center for Organ Transplantation at Medipol University Hospital consists of experienced transplant surgeons, adult and pediatric nephrologists, adult and pediatric gastroenterologist, anesthesia specialist, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, pathologists, transplant coordinators, nurses, psychologists and social workers. The main purpose of this great team is not only transplantation, but also to provide the best health care of all types of surgical diseases of the biliary tract, liver and pancreas with high-tech equipment and experience. The organ transplant team at Medipol University Hospital has more experience in the field of liver and kidney transplantation. So far, having a strong team capable of liver and kidney transplantation with successfully achieved results with practiced surgical technique not only for adults but also for children up to 1 year and 10 kg, it is able to compete with the world's most advanced centers. . Diseases for which liver transplantation can be done for children and adults in our center -cirrhosis -Lead tumors that have not spread beyond the liver (HCC) -Some slowly progressing tumors that have affected the liver (neuroendocrine tumors) -Fulminant liver failure -Some parasitic diseases such as alveolar hydatid cyst -Congenital metabolic diseases and hematological diseases (Trizonia me, Wilson's disease, familial hypercholesterolemia type 1, etc.) -Great post-traumatic liver injury A large part of the diseases that cause kidney failure can be performed by kidney transplantation in all age groups. The most common diseases in which a kidney transplant can be performed are -Existing congenital disorders (aplasia, hypoplasia) -Cystic kidney disease (polycystic kidney disease) -Glomeronephritis (MPGN, RPGN, etc.). -Hereditary disorders (Alport's syndrome, Fabry disease, etc.). -Tubulointestisiel nephritis -Vesicoureteral reflux -Neurogenic bladder -Vascular diseases (nephrosclerosis, HUS, TTP and so on.) -Kidney stone -diabetes -Hypertension At Medipol University Hospital, all examinations of patients who are referred to the organ transplant center are performed carefully. Patients are prepared for transplantation in a short period of 4 to 7 days. Then the transplant process is performed as soon as possible. The "rapid call system" established by the team believes that one of the most important factors in the success of organ transplantation is monitoring patients after transplantation, patients can reach their doctors at any time wherever they need to.

Istanbul (Trukey)
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Goal of treatmentTransplantation of organs
Organ Transplant Center
* Göztepe, Avrupa Otoyolu, 34214 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey