Male To Female (Sex Reassignment Surgeries)
Kızlar Pınarı, Uğurlu Sokak No:3, Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
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Who can undergo the procedure?The patient must have good Body Mass Index. Their weight divided by the square of their height should give a value between 20 and 25. Being overweight won't necessarily exclude a person from surgery, but a stable weight category definitely helps as the excess fat tissue in and around the operating area of the patients body only adds to the surgeon’s troubles. The patient must not have any sort of a bleeding disorder, high cholesterol, high BP, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, severe allergies, coronary and pulmonary diseases and severe depression. The patient needs to have a positive outlook and realistic expectations as no surgery is perfect. For example, many people who undergo Surgeries involving the Breast tissue start regretting it a few weeks after the surgery seeing the red, swollen area but they must understand that all this will eventually pass.